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I adored Winona Ryder when I was growing up. From her gothic and acerbic portrayal of Lydia in Beetlejuice to her fractured and tender performance in Girl, Interrupted, she was always flawless. This is a little celebration of one of my favourite actresses, 1986 through to 1999.

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Today is the first anniversary of William and Kate’s (aka Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) wedding. In homage to this I have put together a little slideshow of the 1981 Royal Wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Spencer alongside their son’s. I believe I may be getting a little sentimental as I get older.

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Obviously this is only my opinion.

The Blues Brothers (Landis) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080455/

This is one of the funniest films ever made. FACT. Here are some reasons why:

1) The crazy and domineering nun who sends Elwood and Jake on their mission

2) Cameos from legends like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles

3) The smashathon car chase

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A nice little blog post about mix tapes – how retro 🙂
I need to get this book.

In addition to music, one of my big passions is books.  Many of my weekend afternoons are spent at the coffee shop, listening to music and reading.  But weirdly, in proportion to other topics, I read surprisingly few books about music.  Unless you’re interested in reading about a handful of well-known artists (see the zillion books about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones), it can be hard to track down solid books about indie music.  So, I thought I’d start recommending some quality books about music I have found.

To kick things off, I’ll start with what is probably my favorite music-related book: Love Is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield.  This isn’t a traditional book about music – it doesn’t explore a particular genre or retell the antics of a particular band.  Rather, it speaks to the emotional connection between your life and your music that all…

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The 80s has become renowned and infamous for its upwardly mobile culture, fronted by “Yuppies”, aka “young urban professionals”, in their 20s and 30s. They were the first to endorse and sanction technological and cultural phenomena – or so they believed – and generally pioneered the culture of materialism, consumerism and subsequent decadence that is now so closely associated with this decade. Social status and cutthroat business dealings have also become bywords for the Yuppie mentality.

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The first album I bought

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Beatie Boys "Paul's Boutique"The Beasties Boys “Paul’s Boutique”

You can experience it for yourself here: http://paulsboutique.beastieboys.com/

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I was born in 1982, so it felt apt to start there. 1982 gave us many things:-

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